Ghousia College of Engineering

Ghousia College of Engineering

About College

Ghousia Industrial and Engineering Trust, (GIET) was begun during the year 1962. Its fundamental point is to advance and give quality specialized instruction at all levels to the understudy network as a rule and the country youth specifically. Its appreciated objective is to outfit the students with greatness and quality guaranteed specialized training.

The Ghousia Industrial and Engineering Trust set up the “Ghousia College of Engineering” in the year 1980 at Ramanagaram, a town which is 45 kms from Bangalore on the Bangalore-Mysore thruway.

The focal point of the trust has been to advance specialized training at expert level, recognition level, degree level and postgraduate/examine level for all segments of understudies of our nation.

The development and accomplishment of GIET is because of the penance of an enormous number of famous, distinguished, devoted and altruistic individuals from the Board of Trustees who are for the most part pioneers in scholastics, research, industry and trade.

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