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St John’s Medical College

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About St John’s Medical College

St John’s Medical College endeavors to prepare and urge social insurance experts to contact the medicinally underserved of the country. In this exertion, it has prevailing with regards to fitting devotion to magnificence with duty to social equity in human services.

The Objectives of St John’s Medical College National Academy of Health Sciences are:

  • Magnificence in all fields of social insurance instruction
  • Satisfactory Christian development of the understudies
  • Maintaining regard forever, from the snapshot of origination to its common end
  • A certifiable sentiment of empathy towards the patients and their families as people
  • An exceptional push to network well being encouraging the components of participatory collaboration
  • Serving the wellbeing needs of medicinally underserved regions of our nation and our therapeutically underprivileged brethren
  • Obtaining the capacity to do inquire about and apply the advances in logical learning to the applicable fields of work
  • Endeavoring towards advancing all encompassing wellbeing
  • Gaining an excellent immovability to standards and good qualities in order to be observer to an actual existence of trustworthiness and respectability.

Undergraduate Courses in St John’s Medical College

  • MBBS
  • B.Sc.

Postgraduate Courses in St John’s Medical College

  • M.D.
  • M.S.
  • M.Sc.


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